* You will hear & remember everything                                                                   * You do not loose control 

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the region of Eindhoven


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Dr. Michel Jansen - International registred Hypnotherapist. I have been hypnotising clients 1987. For many years I have held executive positions in the corporate world in various countries. After that I worked as a consultant. Yet hypnosis has always been my great passion!

In recent years I have further specialized in hypnotherapy. Whether it's helping someone to quit smoking, lose weight, or get rid of a migraine, I love making positive changes to the subconscious mind, really helping a client to move forward. With hypnosis we help people with real, lasting changes in their lives. In a hypnosis session I guide you and together we come to the desired end result ... the change you want ... your new life, your new you can start after this.

I myself got rid of claustrophobia thanks to hypnosis, and got rid of a chocolate addiction - I know what I'm talking about!


Hypnosis Eindhoven: Method

After you have described your problems and whishes, together we define the changes you want to achieve .  We will then make these changes possible, with the help of hypnosis. The change is usually noticeable after 1 or 2 sessions.

By going into an hypnosis session with an open mind, you will experience that hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to achieve lasting results!


Our specialties

Child hypnosis Stop smoking Exam anxiety Pain-relieve Sleeping problems Loosing weight

Burnout Self confidence Irritable bowel syndrome   Sport hypnosis Fears  Claustrophobia 

Ask us about our other treatments, we master all common and less common hypnotheraputic treatments. 


hypnosis Eindhoven

Hypnotherapy in Eindhoven

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a remedy for psychological and psychosomatic complaints. The client is brought into a light trance by the hypnotherapi

Hypnosis only works if you are motivated and willing to follow the instructions for solving your problem.st thro ugh mainly verbal communication, but remains in control of himself.

Hypnosis is a state in which the subconscious assumes suggestions.

60% of all illnesses are wholly or partially psychological. It makes sense to solve the problem where it originated.

Hypnotherapy: you will not loose control over your mind

Loss of control: Some people think they are losing control of themselves; or that they are going to reveal their deepest secrets. Rest assured, you will experience the treatment consciously. You keep control yourself. Any suggestion that goes against your personality is automatically rejected and you will come out of hypnosis.

If you are unable to approach the sessions with an accepting and open attitude, then hypnotherapy may not be right for you. We cannot hypnotize anyone who does not want to!Up to 20% of people cannot be hypnotized. This is due to many factors, but the most important thing for hypnosis is an open mind. If you are skeptical by nature and u

People of high intelligence and creative people are generally easy to hypnotize.


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