Child hypnosis 


Hypnosis can be very effective in treating a variety of children's problems. Unlike adults, children are generally more prone to hypnosis because they are much more open. They have a vivid imagination that makes it much easier to open the subconscious mind and bring about the desired change. As a result, hypnosis with children can produce very effective results. A hypnotherapist can use a number of techniques with children, including visualization, storytelling, puppetry and role play.

Children are good candidates for hypnosis because they have not undergone years of conditioning, which adults do. Because they are used to learning, they are often more receptive to trying something new, such as hypnosis. Children are not so inclined to question the process. This makes it very easy for a hypnotherapist to work with them. Adults, on the other hand, are often cautious and even reticent and have both conscious and unconscious resistance to hypnosis. It doesn't mean they can't be hypnotized, but it's less easy.

Areas for child hypnosis 

Hypnosis can be an effective treatment for a wide variety of problems, problems and conditions in children.

The most common areas of focus are:

  • learning disabilities
  • fear
  • bedwetting
  • self image
  • homework battle
  • thumb suction
  • fear of the dark

child hypnosis eindhovenCoping with a traumatic event, such as the death of a parent or dealing with parents who are divorced, are challenges that can be helped with child hypnosis. Children who suffer from frequent nightmares can also benefit from hypnosis. Hypnosis can also help children feel less anxious when faced with a serious medical procedure, such as surgery.

School is a major problem area for many children. Anything ranging from learning and homework to problems with colleagues can be addressed with hypnotherapy. Often only one or two sessions are required for effective results. Children can significantly improve their confidence and ability to succeed with the help of hypnosis. With the help of an experienced hypnotherapist, a child can really flourish and become much more successful and happier.

Bed-wetting hypnosis has been shown to be effective for many children. Children who wet the bed often struggle with feelings of shame and embarrassment and feel a significant lack of control. They often feel vulnerable and their self-image can suffer significantly if the problem is not resolved and resolved as soon as possible. One of the reasons hypnosis can be an effective treatment for this particular childhood problem is that the unconscious mind controls most bodily functions. Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind and uses a combination of suggestions and visualization to stop bedwetting

Children are very receptive to hypnosis. It can be a very positive experience for them. Always use  a hypnotherapist who is skilled and experienced in working with children. For child hypnosis in Eindhoven; please contact us.

Children up to 12 years old: € 80 per session
A session lasts an average of 1-1.5 hours
Payment: cash, immediately before the session